Big plans are underway to restore and renew this historic space.

In recent times, St Helen’s has been one of Worcester’s hidden secrets - the breathtaking 15th century building occupies the earliest site of Christian worship in the city, yet for the last century it was used to archive the county’s records and lay neglected. Now St Helen's, under the stewardship of All Saints Church, is being made available again as a place for community to happen in the heart of our city. 

In 2016 significant heritage lottery funding was secured to kickstart the renewal work. Physical work is due to commence in February 2018 and will address some urgent repairs, notably stonework repairs and conservation.  

But restoring the essential fabric of this 15th century building is only an initial part of a much bigger vision to see St Helen’s fully fit to serve the community. And so we have launched a programme of public activities, initiatives and installations to raise the profile of this venue and reveal the ‘lost story’ of St Helen’s.

Work is underway for St Helen’s to provide our city centre with a fully accessible and versatile community venue - a unique space to host everything from art exhibitions and concerts to lectures and birthday parties.  

As momentum grows and plans develop we would love to hear from you. Your inspirations/queries/tips are valuable contributions to this restoration effort.

Explore an annotated 3d virtual model of St Helen's... 

Video Update January 2017