A week in the life of the project / April 20th, 2018 / by All Saints

Wrapped in mystery? Not at all! Our beautiful scaffolding hides a hive of activity. Here’s an insight into what the first fortnight on the St Helen’s project has seen so far.



Since our incredible scaffold artwork went up, we’ve been thrilled by the response it’s had from passers-by. Easter is a busy time on the High Street and it’s wonderful to see so many shoppers stop to take in the scene.

Hiding beneath this eye-catching exterior are our contractors, Sally Strachey Historic Conservation. Fuelled with homemade cakes and regular supplies of tea and coffee, they have begun their careful work. Their 30 years of specialist stone restoration experience is already proving invaluable to St Helen’s as they uncover and focus on the initial stages of the project. Watch this space for more detail. 



Did you catch us on the Beeb? Kate Justice from BBC Hereford and Worcester’s ‘Pride of Place’ series came for an exclusive sneak-peak about the project at St Helen’s. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the vision for the site with our community and we hope those who heard it will feel intrigued enough to come and see it for themselves.



Blessed with a head for heights, our stone masons are used to their sky-high surroundings but for us at St Helen’s, it was a thrilling trip to the top of the site to see close at hand what repairs are needed. Guided by their expertise, it was fascinating to hear how the carbon deposits (black sooty bits) will be gently erased and how the stone indents will be cut by hand.



This building has a fascinating past, and we have a clear vision for its future. Want to know what it is? Then check out the video we have created here: https://vimeo.com/257457010/481503f643

We’ll be sending it out across our social media as well as screening it on site for the public on our embedded high street TV.  

We’re pleased Worcester Civic Society, who proudly advocate for the protection of so many of the city’s historic buildings, plan to feature the St Helen’s project in their next newsletter. 



Jesus opened the door to heaven, so we’re trying to live by example. It’s not quite heaven, but the cake and coffee are divine at the St Helen’s pop-up cafe every Friday. It’s been so lovely to see the space being used socially and seeing friends catch up, or weary shoppers taking a break. We welcome all. 

Our St Helen’s Guides hosted a group of students from Worcester University, and two local historians, as they seek to study St Helen’s and add this wonderful and ancient building to their portfolios.

Finally, we met with another church seeking Heritage Lottery Funding to share our learning. It’s a privilege to help and encourage their efforts, something we hopefully engage with In the future.